• Anthony Rostant

Letter From The Chairman

I would like to start by welcoming all my fellow pest management professionals to our industry’s Association. PMATT membership is not only open to pest control companies, but seeks to embrace anyone offering pest management services. This would include landscapers, manufacturers with in-house pest management programmes, etc.

Trinidad and Tobago is taking brave steps to join the rest of the world in the 21st century by adopting National Policies and Frameworks in line with international requirements. The pest management industry, at last, can forge a way forward to becoming a truly professional trade with industry standards and accredited training and certification for its technicians. These will in turn create a well-structured and regulated industry for the benefit of all its members, the public, and the national interest.

  1. Imagine an industry where young people can envision a career path that, with study and practical experience, will take them from Apprentice Technician through to Master Technician.

  2. Imagine internationally recognised and accredited qualifications that will ensure them proper pay scales, transferability and exportability of their skills.

  3. Imagine an industry where companies will have a well-trained and certified pool of trade technicians to draw upon.

  4. Imagine a time when pest management companies are positioned to easily export their services.

  5. Imagine a Master Technician’s consultative services being sought after, at home and abroad.

  6. Imagine when the state will rely on our industry to be the provider of essential public health services such as vector control in communities across the country.

One of PMATT’s goals is to become the premier, regional training provider in pest management by establishing a fully accredited educational programme that will take an individual through all the levels of certification, with international recognition. Education is the key to unlock the treasure chest for our industry to realise the dream.

PMATT’s humble start to this ambitious end is the introduction of our monthly Luncheon Talks and Quarterly, Intensive Training Courses. The Luncheon Talks will afford members an opportunity to meet each other and share ideas and stories while benefiting from the knowledge of a guest speaker. These talks may or may not be preludes to the quarterly training programmes. Traditionally, training courses in this country have always focused on the same curriculum of pest identification, pesticide classifications and selection, application equipment and techniques, etc., but the needs of PMATT’s members are far greater. That is why our first series of quarterly, intensive courses will have a fresh focus on pest control sales, pricing strategies and customer service. Future talks and courses will cover such topics as knowing the existing laws & regulations (you may be surprised at what you don’t know), understanding our Code of Ethics and Code of Practice, insurance requirements for a pest control business, pest management standards for a modern society, and much, much more.

I urge my colleagues to support their Association by attending the first of our Luncheon Talks in January 2019 and come prepared to leave a little richer for the experience.

See you there!

Anthony Rostant


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