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Leading Termite Expert in the Region Discusses Evidence of Insecticide Resistance in Social Insects

The Pest Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago (PMATT) hosted the second series in its Educational Lunch and Learn programme - Sales Fundamentals, at The Chancellor Hotel in St. Ann’s.

The session opened with Guest Speaker, retired Professor of Entomology, Christopher K. Starr.

After a quick introduction to the Social Insects (what they are and who they are), Professor Starr dealt with two topics. The first of these was features of termites as distinct from other social insects: wasps, social bees and ants. The second topic was the puzzle that social insects, unlike most pest, appear not to evolve resistance to pesticides over the generations. Although most termite species can be regarded as beneficial because they are the main agents in the breakdown of dead plant matter, about one percent (1%) of species have become pests through their habits of attacking structural timbers in our houses and other buildings. Among the probable reasons for this lack of evolved resistance are the relatively long generation time in social insects and the fact that the reproductive individuals in the colony tend to be removed from exposure to pesticides.

Professor Starr is an eminent entomologist with 44 years of teaching experience, several publications and scholarly articles to his credit. Professor Starr has taught at universities and museums in the USA, The Philippines, Taiwan and here at the St. Augustine Campus of the UWI.

Training Facilitator, Victor Goden, then began the education and training segment - Introduction to Pest Management Sales Part 2, to an audience of pest management companies and pest control operators. Mr. Goden stated that Relationship Selling is a style of selling that helps to build mutually beneficial relationships between salesperson and prospect. It encourages customer loyalty by rewarding the customer with excellent service. With Relationship Selling, a salesperson must use interpersonal skills, to build strong, long-term relationships, which will be more profitable for both sides.

Mr. Goden is a Sales Manager with twenty years’ experience who has successfully led sales teams and facilitated the training of local and regional sales representatives within the Pest Management industry.

The Association started its Education and Training series in January 2019 and will hold monthly training courses on various topics that are not only geared towards pest management operators but service providers in any industry.

In his opening speech, Chairman of the Association, Anthony Rostant, opined that,

“Education is the key to unlock the treasure chest for our industry to realise the dream that is its vision.”

Education and Training is part of the Association’s mission. PMATT’s mission is to bring collaboration amongst pest management service providers and professionals and to promote the highest level of business ethics, professionalism and best-practice industry standards through education and training, for the benefit of consumers and the environment.

Learn more about PMATT at www.pmatt.org or contact their Administrative Office at pmattsecretariat@gmail.com or (868) 343-2160.

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