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Updated: Dec 12, 2019




FEBRUARY 20, 2019

12 NOON TO 2:30 PM


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you all here today. Those of you that were with us in January when we held the first in our Lunch and Learn series – Introduction to Pest Management Sales Part 1, and those that are here with us for the first time.

Why are we here?

The Pest Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago believes that education is the key to unlock the treasure chest for our industry to realise the dream that is its vision.

PMATT’s mission is to bring collaboration amongst pest management service providers and professionals and to promote the highest level of business ethics, professionalism and best-practice industry standards through education and training, for the benefit of consumers and the environment.

That’s why we are here.

Our Lunch and Learn meetings are designed both as introductions to the intensive Quarterly Training Programme as well as providing a platform for a wide range of guest speakers to present a variety of insights to our members. Our 2019, first-quarter training topic is Sales Fundamentals, to be held March. Dates to be confirmed so stay tuned. 

At our January luncheon, Mr Goden presented an Introduction to Pest Management Sales Part 1, and today we can look forward to Part 2, which sets the stage for our first Intensive Quarterly Training Course in March. The topic will be “Sales Fundamentals”.

Our Facilitator is Mr. Victor Goden. Victor is a Sales Manager with twenty (20) years’ experience in the service of a well-known international pest control company.

He has successfully led sales teams and facilitated the training of local and regional sales representatives within the Pest Management industry. Having a good understanding of the Sales Process, combined with excellent Customer Service skills, he has successfully coached Sales Representatives through motivation, help, and example, to improve their performance.

Though we are the Pest Management Association, our training is applicable to all service providers - across the board, and all are welcome to register to attend.

You will note that the papers you have in front of you include today’s Feedback Form, and more importantly, the Association’s Membership Form. At this time membership is at no cost so we encourage you to complete the form and return it to our Administrative Office staff.

Now it’s time to introduce our esteemed Guest Speaker. A man who is known as ‘The Termite Expert’ in the wider Caribbean, Professor Christopher Starr.

Professor Starr was introduced to insects one day in 1954 by his grandmother, who happened to ask him, "Would you like to go bug collecting?" What they found that day so amazed him that it grew into a lifetime passion for entomology. As an undergraduate in 1972, he reached the conviction that social insects: ants, termites, bees and some wasps, are the most interesting feature of the known universe, a view from which he has not wavered. He came to UWI from Taiwan in 1991, retiring from UWI in 2014 as the Head of the Entomology Department. He continues to research the lives of social insects and, having eaten the cascadura, expects to reside in Trinidad to the end of his days.

Without further ado, let us welcome Professor Starr.

Anthony Rostant

Chairman of the Pest Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Tel: (868) 707-2857

Email: ectercon@yahoo.com

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