Welcome to PesCard! PMATT Members' Discount Card!

Benefit from real cost-savings at selected merchants!

The annual fee for the Primary Cardholder is extremely affordable - $175, plus each additional card ordered for your employees is given at a discounted cost, AND your order includes FREE DELIVERY!


Simple 2-step Registration and Benefits process:


  1. Register, pay, and receive your PesCard within 7 to 10 working days.

  2. Show your PesCard at any of our participating merchants and $AVE! $AVE! $AVE!


One of the aims of PMATT’s Planning Committee is to formulate and produce a series of products and services that will, (1) be of benefit to the Association’s members, and (2) raise money to offset the Association’s expenses.


PesCard is one of the products that will undoubtedly be beneficial to you, our members.

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Note: PesCard is only available to members of the Pest Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

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