Code of Ethics and Practice

The Pest Management Profession provides a service integral to the welfare and development of all aspects of society, while engaging at times, in the use of toxic and potentially harmful or dangerous materials.


It is in this regard, that it must be incumbent upon all Pest Management Professionals, in the course of executing their duties, to at all times, in all things and in all ways, hold the safeguarding of human health, the preservation and protection of the environment, it’s flora and fauna, paramount.


Practitioners should provide, quality service to their clients and the community in a highly professional and ethical manner, in order to advance and uphold, the honor and dignity, of the profession. The PMATT has established the following code to define the professional conduct and ethics, binding on all its members.

This Code provides the operating guidelines to Pest Management service providers and professionals on the safe handling, use, application and sales of dangerous pesticides and other forms of treatment (non-chemical), for the protection of members, the environment and the public in general. It will serve in the interim as a basis for a more elaborated code as the industry develops.


This, and every other code, must remain open to amendment from time to time to conform to changes in existing legislation and/or the enactment of any new laws or regulations.


The guidance provided in this code, centers mainly on best practices and is in conformity with existing laws. However, these guidelines cannot and does not address every possible situation. 

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