Technical Certification

As the Public Healh Pest Management industry matures, PMATT advocacy agenda fully supports regulation which will facilitate "Best Practice" industry standards through knowlegable and certified Service Technicians. Certification willl be sourced from recognized accredited learning institutions.

The industry must be ready for the Regulation, through legislation, for the following catagories of Service Technicians, which are being considered :


  • An Apprentice Technician is essentially a first year trainee/student and as such is permitted only to perform such tasks as cleaning of equipment, work areas & vehicles, cleaning/disposal of contaminated clothing/materials, packing of stock, loading vehicles, etc. under the direct supervision of a Junior Technician or higher.


  • A Junior Technician is an intern capable of carrying out basic “public health” pest management services under the supervision of a Regular Technician or higher.


  • A Regular Technician has the experience and training required to permit the supervision and basic training of Apprentice and Junior Technicians under his charge. He may also carry out inspection, complete inspection forms and carry out works (unsupervised) as prescribed by a Senior or Master Technician.


  • A Senior Technicians may hold the position of operation manager of a firm and as such assume responsibility for all matters of a technical nature and may provide pest management service in all areas for which certification is held.


  • A Master Technicians is a senior consultant and may head a firm, offer professional advise as a private consultant, lecture at an industry level, offer training, etc. in all areas for which certification is held.

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