Advocacy Agenda

Advocacy Agenda

The Pest Management Association will engage in an aggressive advocacy campaign to bring about positive change in Public Health Pest Management policy and resource allocation for the protection of consumers, the environment and the development of the Public Health Pest Management services industry. Such a policy will also address issues of unsafe practices, especially related to the application and use dangerous pesticides. The following forms part of the agenda.

  • Representing our members in matters relating to vendor compliance and stewardship.


  • Lobbying the financial services sector and the Town and Country Planning Division to make inspections for Wood destroying Organisms (and the required treatments) mandatory for the construction, the change of ownership or the insuring of all buildings.​


  • Incorporating the Pest Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago by an Act of Parliament, giving it superior legal status as the recognized advocate for the Pest Management services industry.


  • Persuading the appropriate authorities to discontinue the existing monopolistic and discriminatory unfair trade constraint practices relating to the importation of pesticides.

  • ​Influencing legislators to enact laws, which will make it illegal for products which are labeled as pesticides to be sold or transferred to anyone other than a certified Pest Management Professional.​

  • Implementing consumer protection legislation, specifically tailored to the needs of customers of the Pest Management services industry.


  • Representing our members in matters relating to vendor compliance and stewardship.


  • Influencing the Government to enact regulations, which will make it compulsory for certain types of businesses to have pest management service at fixed intervals, from certified Pest Management Professionals.


  • Petitioning the authorities to make the registration of non-propriety pesticide formulations, a public good, not owned by any particular firm.

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